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Access your files stored on Google Drive easily through Regata OS

To access your files stored on Google Drive, you will need to integrate your Google Account with Regata OS. To do this, go to the System Settings panel and click on "Online Accounts". Now, click on the "Add New Account..." button, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Don't forget to give Regata OS permission to access certain tasks, which, in turn, are important for everything to run smoothly. After logging in, your Google Account should appear in the "Online Accounts" settings screen. When selecting your account, you will see some options. Just leave the "Drive" option turned on to access your files stored in Google Drive.

Accessing your files stored on Google Drive

Now that your Google Account is properly set up. Open the file manager (Dolphin) and in the sidebar click "Networks", then "Google Drive" and finally double-click your account to access your files in the cloud. In addition, you can also access the following address in the file manager:   gdrive:/  

It is important to note that your files will only be downloaded as you access them, that is, there will not even be an automatic download, however, your files will be there. To transfer any file or folder to Google Drive, just copy and paste normally into the desired location among your files on the storage service.

Also, if you delete any file or folder stored in Google Drive via the file manager, it will naturally also be deleted in Google's cloud storage service.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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