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Connecting to a Wi-Fi network in Regata OS

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network in Regata OS is a simple process to do. All available networks will be listed in the network manager which can be accessed via the network icon in the system tray.

By clicking on the network icon, you will see all available Wi-Fi networks. Click on the Connect button of the desired network, which is right next to the network name, if necessary, enter the network password and, again, click on the Connect button or press Enter on your keyboard.

Password is not being saved

If the network manager is not saving the network password, just right-click on the network icon and go to Configure network connections. Then right-click on the desired network and select Edit.

Now, go to the Wi-FI Security tab and enter the password in the empty field. Then, inside this same field, on the right side, you should find the option to save the password, click on the icon and choose: Store the password and make it available to all users (not encrypted) . Click the OK button to complete the configuration.

Wi-Fi network connects but no Internet access

In some cases, the Wi-Fi network connects normally, however, it is not possible to browse the web. To fix the problem, just go to the application menu and search for Troubleshooting Center. In the app, you will find the option Troubleshoot the network. Just click on the Start button to trigger the correction process.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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