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Creating, removing and changing user passwords; and automatic login

To create new users, delete or change the password of an existing one, search for users in the application menu and open YaST User and Group Management (probably the first option in the menu). Then enter your password (root password) to open the advanced user settings panel.

Now there's no secret: in the bottom left corner of the window, you'll find the Add buttons, ie create a new user, where you'll have to fill in a small form with the new user's name, password and etc; Edit, where you can change existing user information; Delete which, as the name suggests, is to delete existing users.

Creating a new user account

After you have clicked the Add button, you will see a small form, as shown in the image below. Just fill it in and click the OK button. If the password is too short, even though it is not a problem, a message will appear informing you that the password is too simple, just click on the Yes button to confirm.

Automatic User Login

If you don't want to have to enter the password to access your account every time you turn on your computer, still on the main YaST User and Group Management screen, in the lower right corner, you will find the button Expert Options, as shown in the image below:

When clicking on the button, a floating menu will appear, click on Login Settings. In the new screen that will appear, you will see the option Auto login, where you won't have to go through the login screen to access the desktop, and Login without password, which allows login to the account without the need to enter the password, which is ideal for guest account, but you will see the login screen every time you turn on your computer.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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