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Installing your Windows games with Regata OS Game Access

To install your games using Game Access, choose one of the launchers available in the app's sidebar. Next, you will see a screen with some of the games that can be played with the launcher. Just choose one of them or click on the "See more..." button, which is located in the upper right corner, to start installing the launcher.

With the launcher installed, start installing your games normally, just like you would on Windows, or find the games you already have installed on another HD. Remember that the installation disc for the titles must be mounted. To do this, just access the hard drive using the file manager.

With the games installed, you can run them using the launcher itself.

Finding and installing your games on another disc

To install or locate your games on another HD, for example, just mount the disc in the Regata OS (Dolphin) file manager and proceed in the launcher with the same steps you would do in Windows, whether when installing the title or in the settings to locate the games default installation folder. You will see a much simpler file manager, as in the image below:

Now just click on the "disk /" icon (highlighted with the arrow in the image above) and navigate to where the games installation folder is. For this, you need to find the previously mounted disk in the Regata OS file manager.

Usually disks and partitions can be found in the "mnt" folder, as well as in the "media" or "mount" folders inside of "run". Check the image below to better understand how to find the games installation folder.

After selecting the games installation folder, just click the "Open" button and proceed with the game installation in the launcher.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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