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Integrating your Android device with Regata OS

KDE Connect is a tool available by default in Regata OS that allows you to integrate your Android device with the PC, offering some useful features, which include the possibility to send and receive files, check the level your device's battery power, control multimedia playback remotely, and use your smartphone's screen as a mouse, touchpad and keyboard, among other features.

Making the integration

Integrating your Android device with your PC is a very simple process and should only take a few minutes. The first thing to do is install KDE Connect on your smartphone or tablet, something you can easily do through the Play Store. Then make sure your PC and your device are connected on the same network.

When you open KDE Connect on your mobile device you will see the computers available, just choose the desired PC and click "Request Pairing". Then you will see a notification on the Regata OS desktop, just click "Accept".

You can manage all mobile devices integrated with your PC and plugins in the system settings panel by going to the Hardware section and KDE Connect. To disable a feature, just uncheck the desired plugin's checkbox.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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