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Logoff, hang up and switch user

To allow other users to use your computer, you can log out, or stay logged in and just switch users. If you switch users, all your apps will continue to run, and everything will be where you left it when you come back.

Logoff or switch users

To end the session or switch between users, open the applications menu (Launcher) and, at the bottom, click the Log Out button. If you have chosen the Switch User option and want to return to the previous user, just click on the same option and on the screen will appear the user accounts that you can switch between them.

Lock screen

If you will be leaving your computer for a short period of time, you can lock your screen to prevent others from accessing your open files or programs. When you come back, just enter your password to log in again. To do this, go to the applications menu and click Lock.

You can also lock the screen by right-clicking on the desktop and from the context menu clicking Lock Screen. When your screen is locked, other users can start their own session by clicking New Session in the password screen. You can switch back to your desktop when they are done.


To save energy, suspend your computer when you're not using it. If you have a laptop, Regata OS suspends your computer automatically when the lid is closed. This saves the computer's state in memory and turns off most machine functions. A very small amount of energy is still used during sleep.

To suspend your computer manually, go to the applications menu and select Sleep.

Shutdown or restart

If you want to shut down the computer completely, or do a full restart, go to the applications menu and click on Restart or Shut Down.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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