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If something is asked frequently, we will try to provide the answers here.

Specific questions about Regata OS

# What is regatta?

A regatta (in portuguese language: "regata") is a nautical test of speed between several boats - sailing, motor or rowing - making a route marked by buoys that are positioned at sea by the organization of the event.

# What is Regata OS?

Regata OS is an Operating System based on Linux (more precisely on openSUSE) developed for all types of users, however, with a special focus on gamers and content creators.

# Is Regata OS just an easy-to-use version of openSUSE?

No. Regata OS has a different proposal than openSUSE and other Linux distributions based on openSUSE. While there are numerous subtle differences between Regata OS and openSUSE, the most obvious examples include our own applications, plus, of course, the target audience - Windows users.

# Is Regata OS open source?

Regata OS is open source, available at GitHub under the MIT license, in addition to being free. We believe that anything is possible with free and open source technology.

# How do I install Regata OS?

Check out our installation guide for Regata OS . Just don't forget to back up photos, videos, text files, whatever you think is important, and take the content to an external hard drive, USB stick or cloud storage service (like Google Drive).

# Which ISO should I download?

If you have an NVIDIA video card on your desktop or laptop, download the Regata OS ISO that already has the NVIDIA driver by default, otherwise, download the ISO without the NVIDIA driver. Regata OS already has the latest version of the video driver for Intel and AMD GPUs.

# Do I need to create a swap partition?

No. Regata OS creates and manages the swap partition automatically for you.

# I didn't find an app in the store, now what?

Use this form to recommend new applications. Its implementation will be studied by the team of developers.

# How can I support the project?

You can help the Regata OS project by promoting our Operating System to your friends and family who are looking to experience a world far beyond Windows. Furthermore, it is also possible to help with feedback.

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